Lovely Glove

I have another finish for you on the Floral Glove class.  This one is really special.  Amy Mitten-Stevens took the class and decided to modify the design based on a piece of embroidery she loves.  Love the pea pods and other little details in the design.  She said that she used the project as an opportunity to stretch herself and learn bobbin lace as well to make her own trim for the ribbon.  COOL!  Look closely, she worked Gobelin in the background on the linen to get that look of a metal fabric.  She also added more finishing details – such as stuffed fingers.

Love it!


3 Responses to “Lovely Glove”

  1. 1 Julie T.

    Too Cool!! Beautiful work, Amy!

  2. 2 Elizabeth Carlson

    Wow! This glove is beyond exquisite. I especially love the strawberry, the bird, and the lovely tone on tone embroidery on the blue silk inside. What a treasure.

  3. 3 Kelly Fletcher

    The detail is incredible. I don’t even want to think about how many hours this must have taken…

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